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Work Smarter not Harder

Admin Panel

Get All The Details Of Employees On Your Phone

Edit or View Employees Status At Your Mobile Phone From Anywhere And Anytime

Manage Employee Status

Grab The Best Hardware!

Samsung Tablet A With Pre-Installed Custom Clock In Software

Tablet Supports All Features And Can Be Used For Other Tasks

Track time with Custom Clockin

Detailed Pay Slips

View Your Employees Pay Slips At Any time, Anywhere

Create Weekly/ Bi-weekly or Monthly Pay Slips On Your Phone

Sign Up Now and Get 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

Reports details

Each Employee’s Time Clock Reports

Accurately Calculated Daily Working Hours

Green Means Employee Worked On The Recorded Working Hours

Red Means Employee Is Short Of Their Working Hours

Blue Means Employee Is Still Working Its Shift

View Live Reports By Seconds

Edit Manage, Create, or Edit Entries From Your Phone

Custom Clock In for a reason didn’t find what you looking for we can add or remove functionality

How it works!


Clock In/Out

Select Your Name

Enter Your Pin

You Are In

Keep track of time, it’s worth more than money

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you calculate taxes?

We are simply replacing the punching time clock machine with a cloud-based one. For now, we don’t do any tax calculation.

2. Do you create payroll?

We create a payslip and get the signature of an employee when they receive pay as proof of payment.

3. Do you report to IRS?

We are simply replacing the punching time clock machine with a cloud based one. We do not share data with anyone.

4. Can employees see how many hours they have worked or money they have collected?

No, employees can only clock in or out. The admin of the account can see all the data.

5. Do I know my employee pin number?

Yes, as an admin you can see or change any pin number of any employee.

6. Do you calculate overtime?

We are simply replacing the punching time clock machine with cloud base software that gives you as a business owner real-time status of your business employee clock in or out. We will show you the total hours worked and if you pay over time you can calculate yourself.

7. What if employees enter each other passwords to clock in early?

You have an option to take a picture of employees whenever they clock in or out

8. With punch cards I keep track of employee pay with their signature how do I do that?

Our software allows you to create a payslip and keep a digital copy of an employee’s signature as payment pickup proof.

9. What happens if an employee leaves and forgot to clock out?

You can clock in or out any employee from the admin panel.

10. Can I change or delete any enter time?

Yes, as an admin you have full control of the software you can delete, edit any payslip, clock in/out time, or pick up your signature.

11. Does this software works on any device?

Yes, All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

12. I only have 1 or 2 employees at each location do I have to buy a separate account for each location ?

No, you can share one account to multiple locations.

13. Can my employees clock in and out from their phones?

No, or Yes. if you download the app on their phone then yes.

14. Where do you store data?

All of our data is stored on an Amazon server.  Like Netflix and other big companies.

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