Gone are the days of manually managing your employees working hours and pay slips!

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Admin Panel

Clock In or Clock Out Employee From Your Phones

View Their Last Entry and Exit Time

View Weekly, Bi-weekly or Monthly Reports of Your Employees

Create Advance Pay and Get Them Adjusted in The Final Pay Slip

Change Employees Status from Phone

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can my accountant get access?

Yes, you can make anyone admin, and then they can access all the reports.

2. Can I clock out an employee ?

Yes, you can clock in or out any employee from the admin panel.

3. How do I know what I paid ?

When you create a payslip the selected days will get marked paid. Pay can not be created for paid days.

4. I have more than one location can I view them together ?

Yes, you can see a list of all of your locations on the admin panel home page. Switch between locations to check the status of employees or check reports.

5. Can I store employee paperwork ?

Yes you can store an image of an employee id or any kind of paper work on the cloud

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