Why Custom Clockin is better than Time Machine

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Running any business requires hard work, focus, and best time management to entertain customers, manage suppliers and inventory, and keep employees motivated enough to run their daily tasks successfully. 

If a business owner has to spend multiple hours calculating their employees’ salaries and daily working hours, that makes all the other store tasks get neglected. 

So, most business owners get time machines to get their employees to clock in and clock out times daily. But time clock machines provide:
• Inaccurate working hours

• No payslips

• No check on Proxy attendances

Custom Clock In, A Complete Employee Management Software

Custom Clock In is here to help store owners save time and money. By,
• Providing accurate working hours of your employees

• Their images with their daily clock in and clock out reports

• Helping you create Pay Slips without any excel sheet or anything. Just get the calculated working hours and pay from within the software, and create a payslip with a few tabs

Not just this, Custom Clock In keeps you safe from proxy attendances by grabbing an image of the actual person who clocked in and out.

Our software is customized for your requirements and convenience. It’s easy to use and mobile-friendly admin panel allows you to: 

• Get All The Details Of Employees On Your Phone

• Edit or View Employees Status At Your Mobile Phone From Anywhere And Anytime

• Manage Employee Status

Choose Convenience, Choose Custom Clock In. Because we are here to ease your employee management and help you focus more on sales. So, you make the most out of your employees’ working hours. 

Our prices are very affordable, as you can start managing your employee for just $3. 

Get in touch now. 

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