Don’t Lose Your Hard Earned Money!

With Custom Clock In, whenever your Employee Clocks In, our software grabs their image without intimating them and attaches it with their reports

Let us show you how you can get control on your payroll

Now Get The Actual Attendance Of Your Employees!


With Time Clock Devices and Employee attendance software, there is no check and balance on the Buddy clock in/out of your employees.

You can set your Employees Expected Working hours daily, and If they are short of it, our software will update you

View Live Working hours of Employees on our software

Let your Employees Punch In their Working hours, and Updates, while You Manage your Business

Never Lose a Single Dollar By Paying on Non-worked hours

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can Employee change their pin number by themselves?

Yes, they can change their pin as many times as they like to from the device. And you can see it or change it from the admin panel as well.

2. How many times can they clock in/out each day?

As much they like.

3. Do they know their current status?

Yes, the main screen always shows employee status if they clock in or out.

4. Can employees see each other pay?

No, Only the admin can view all the reports from the admin panel.

5. Can employees edit or delete entries?

No, All changes need can be done by the admin in the admin panel only.

6. What happens if the employee makes a mistake or forgot to clock in/out?

All changes can be made from the admin panel by the admin.

7. Can my employee see each other pay?

No, all reports and payment information can be accessed from the admin panel only.

8. Do my employees know when I take their picture when they Clock In/Out?

Yes, or No, you have an option to run the camera view mode on or off.

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