Managing Employees Reports Manually, or on a Time Machine is not only limited but also time-consuming.

Get Detailed Reports of Your Employees

Let us show you how you can get control on your payroll

Manage Employees Reports That Includes

Time Clock Reports

Accurately Calculated Daily Working Hours

Green Means Employee Worked On The Recorded Working Hours

Red Means Employee Is Short Of Their Working Hours

Blue Means Employee Is Still Working Its Shift

View Live Reports By Seconds

Edit Manage, Create, or Edit Entries From Your Phone

We Are Here to Make Your Life Easier!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you calculate taxes?

We are simply replacing the punching time clock machine with cloud base software. You will get total working hours.

2. What do red, green, and blue bars indicate?

The software allows you to set the daily set working hours of each employee. So red means short working from set hours. Green means they have met their daily working hours. Blue means time is still in process.

3. Do I have to export in excel to get data?

No need to export any data to excel all of the information you’ll be looking for to manage your employee is on the admin panel.

4. Can I add a missed clock in or out?

Yes, as an admin you can add a clock in/out for any employee.

5. What if I want to remove an employee and their data?

Deleting the employee will delete their all clock in/out data.

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